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The operator of and is g-tec europe GmbH
Hastverstraße 30, 90408 Nuremberg, Germany
Tel.: +49.911.931 698-30
Fax: +49.911.931 698-32

Company headquarters: Nuremberg,
HRB 26365 Nuremberg
VAT ID: DE271088772
Creditor ID: DE47ZZZ00001766075
Managing Director: Daniel von Aufsess

All information and other content of this website, as well as linked websites or documents for which g-tec europe GmbH is responsible, are non-binding. g-tec europe GmbH cannot guarantee that the content or product properties will be accurate, up to date or complete.
No legal claims can be raised. Subject to errors and changes. Errors in content or product properties are immediately corrected or removed once reported/detected.

g-tec europe GmbH will gladly inform you of the individual products’ technical details and deliverability, or project progress, upon request. g-tec europe GmbH cannot discount the possibility that data transmitted by you may be intercepted, read or otherwise acquired by third parties. Permanent website availability can similarly not be guaranteed.

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g-tec europe GmbH is not liable for damages (particularly not for direct or indirect consequential damages, data loss, lost profit, or system/production outages) which may result from using this website, downloading data or using our data. This disclaimer does not apply if damages caused by using the website, downloading data or using our data involve deliberate intent or gross negligence.

Nuremberg is the place of jurisdiction for any legal disputes with general merchants. Federal German law applies.

If, despite careful checks, names, texts, graphics or source codes which are copyrighted or which breach third-party rights have been used, this has not been done deliberately. Please advise us if you find any such content.

We have checked the credibility and legitimacy of all linked sites to the best of our knowledge, but distance ourselves from their content, and do not share the opinions of their operators. If any linked sites do still prove to have illegal or immoral content, g-tec europe GmbH expressly dissociates itself from this content.

German and international law is also binding for online demos. g-tec europe GmbH expressly distances itself from all content, images and links inserted by third parties into the data provided by us, and bears no liability for any illegal content or links.

g-tec europe GmbH also reserves the right to lock illegal content and links, and take legal action.
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